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Hudson Eatery: Where Comfort Meets Glam

Hudson Eatery (601 W. 57th St.)

It is no lie that I have recently fallen in lust with such lavish dishes as bone marrow panzanella, sea urchin crostini with lardo, veal thymus, and a torchon of monkfish liver.  But truth be told, I'm a Midwestern meat and potatoes boy at heart, and sometimes I just wanna have some ding-dang good ol' fashioned comfort food without having to google the ingredients later.  Furthermore, hand to Bible, I check TMZ and Perez Hilton far more frequently than CNN or the NY Times.  If I claimed any other truth, my friends would quickly call my bluff.

When I found out that I could have mac 'n' cheese and TMZ all in one place, I released a stifled sigh of relief.  The recently opened Hudson Eatery, located in the brand new Helena luxury high rise, offers a contemporary, yet relaxed scene for noshing and unwinding, with the potential to see and be seen.  

Located on 57th just off the corner of 11th avenue, it's centrally positioned enough to be accessible, and just enough off the beaten path to offer ample space to breathe.  We walked there from Columbus Circle in about ten minutes.  And it's already hosted several celebrity events and Emmy parties, with a few more "rumored" in the upcoming weeks.  Though I may love celebrity gossip, my blog is no TMZ (but I could possibly be coaxed with gifts for insider info).

With an over-the-top flashy interior design of copper palate, wooden medallions, and exposed dressing-room-esque marquis light bulbs by Antonio Dioronzo (of Greenhouse and Juliet fame), it's about as flashy as stepping into Michael Jackson's sock drawer.  But once you settle into one of the horseshoe banquettes or bucket seat tables, your eyes adjust, and an unexpected comfort sets in.

Despite the glittery facade and the buzzy guest list, Hudson Eatery is all about comfort, and they do it well.  Take for instance the sweet and sour Gummy Bear Martini.  A refreshingly large, 5oz. berry cocktail (larger than a standard martini) for only $10.  From 4:00 - 7:00 they feature draught beers for $4 and mixed drinks and wine for $6.  Rarely in Midtown do you get Manhattan ambiance and quality sans a Manhattan price tag.

Brought to you by the owners of Central Lounge, an Astoria hotspot for the past 10 years, Hudson Eatery is intended as a place to rise with breakfast starting at 7 a.m., or to gather for daytime lunching, transitioning into a late night club, complete with celebrity DJs.  But the fact of the matter is that the menu here is the real star.

It's not the stuff of which James Beard Awards are made.  It's not particularly gourmet.  It's just plain and simple good and tasty.  The perfect place to lunch, or jump start an evening in Midtown...

Warm BBQ chips served with gorgonzola fondue were the perfect starter as we waited for our group to arrive ($6)

Applewood smoked bacon and buttery toasted bread crumbs always make mac 'n cheese taste better ($7.50).  I appreciated the direct take on comfort food... nothing crazy or particularly exotic... just well-executed classics.

It might sound simple, but these homemade jumbo mozzy sticks served with Sunday gravy were some of the best cheese fingers I've enjoyed... and I'm kinda sorta craving them right now ($8.50)

When one of my dearest friends, David, bit into the meatballs ($8) he rolled his eyes back, and then leaned over to whisper, "remember this taste, Brad... I've never had anything so similar to my grandma's... wow..."

Deliciously crisp and tender calamari with chipotle aioli ($10)

Prince Edward Island mussels provencal with tomato, garlic, white wine, and butter ($11)

My favorite dish of the whole evening was the Tuscan grilled cheese ($8.50).  The toasted bread reminded us of a zeppole, almost like a monte cristo with ham, fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, and lemon caper butter drizzled over the entire sandwich.

Their signature burger is probably the ultimate lounge comfort food, a toasted brioche roll loaded with beef, smoked gouda, crispy onions, applewood smoked bacon, and aioli, and served with deliciously crispy golden french fries ($12)  The truffled parmesan fries were gone before I could even snap a photo.

One of the vegetarian offers included the zucchini panini, crunchy ciabatta bread with portobello, roasted peppers, and tomato pesto ($9)

A deliciously tender and colorful chicken scarpariello with italian sausage, caramelized onions, and bell peppers ($15).

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