Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jimmy Fallon by the Gallon: New Ben & Jerry's Flavor Debuts

Jimmy Fallon ice-cream-sandwiched between the actual Ben & Jerry

"Everyone should become a talk show host," jokes Late Night host Jimmy Fallon, genuinely grateful for the announcement of the newest Ben & Jerry's flavor, Late Night Snack, arriving in freezer sections across the country this week.  As if the hugely famous ice cream duo would name a flavor after just anyone...

He may be an American comedic icon, but Jimmy Fallon makes no secret of his passion for food.  A recent Top Chef All-Stars episode featured the contestants choosing recipes for Fallon's birthday lunch via a cell phone shootout where they used phone cameras to capture a rapid slot machine image that would serve as inspiration for their dish.

But all of that pales in comparison with Fallon's greatest contribution to the culinary world... Late Night Snack, the newest Ben & Jerry's flavor, officially announced last night in studio 6B.

Outrageously addictive (yes, I went back for a second scoop while dainty reporters pretended to show restraint on one spoonful), the newest in the B&J family features vanilla bean ice cream with ribbons of salted caramel, and little clusters of salty kettle-style potato chips dipped in chocolate.  The chocolate coating preserves the crunch of the chips, so you literally get that classic potato crunch in each spoonful of ice cream.  It's salty, sweet, and absolutely delicious.

On hand were Ben & Jerry themselves, as well as John Shaffer (pictured), the mastermind behind developing the actual flavor.  The concept for the Fallon-inspired confection came after a skit with the Roots in which they sing a chant about why they love Ben & Jerry's.  The next day, Fallon was bombarded with gift pints, and the comment was made in passing he should develop a flavor.  And well, the rest is now history.  Watch the initial skit below...

Not only does the release of the new flavor coincide with the second anniversary of Fallon's show, but it marks a significant effort on behalf of the Ben & Jerry's team to advance Fair Trade, an organized social movement and market approach geared at promoting better trade conditions and sustainability for farmers and producers in developing countries.

The ice cream gurus explained that they are so passionate about the Fair Trade movement, in fact, that they'd rather see consumers purchasing fair trade items even more than they'd like to see them purchasing Ben & Jerry's.

Now that's an ice cream you can feel great about eating!

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