Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Food Fight!

(even after-hours, several desks are still buzzing in the Dotmenu headquarters)

Whether it's a cluttered desk drawer you struggle to close (and still a few papers poke out the edges) or a well-organized binder with organizational tabs, most households (especially in New York--a city saturated with eating options) have a designated place to gather their collection of delivery menus.

Last week, I was generously offered a window into the world of Dotmenu (parent company of and, the largest provider of restaurant content in the United States... with an iPhone app and over 250,000 restaurant menus online.  I, for one, am endlessly grateful for Dotmenu, as its arrival not only freed an entire drawer in our coffee table where we can now stack magazines and books, rather than tomato sauce smudged pizza menus.  But even better, it introduced me to several new restaurants I'd never visited that actually deliver to my apartment.

After I mingled with the Dotmenu team in a room piled with goodies from their partners, one of the more entertaining things I learned is that (which reaches almost 400 college campuses) just launched a Facebook Game, "Campusfood Foodie Fight" -- the first in a series of games where you can engage in a virtual food fight with up to ten friends... and the points actually earn coupons redeemable on  Click on the screen capture below to be redirected to the game, where just by signing up you earn 1,000 points:

Whether or not you live on or near a college campus, the site just received its 16 millionth order--so it's definitely a popular delivery porthole.  Also, be sure to checkout for comprehensive menu listings and delivery options in your neighborhood.
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