Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Steak 'n' Shake giving away free meals for a year

(A Steak 'n' Shake "single" -- the "original" boasts two patties -- with thin fries cut on premises)

My family can attest that as soon as my plane lands at Indianapolis International Airport for a visit home, and I send a text message to my mom that I am headed to their house, without asking it is usually assumed that I want my first hometown meal to be at Steak 'n' Shake.  I have actually written letters to the corporate office begging for a location in New York City on multiple occasions.

Well, according to Eater, the first ever Steak 'n' Shake Signature line (beer and wine will be served) will open in midtown tomorrow on Broadway and 53rd, just next door to the Ed Sullivan Theater, and home of the David Letterman Show.  According to the article, the first 150 people in line will be awarded free meals for a year.  I have agonized over heading there later today, but given my serious resolve to be healthier in the new year, 365 days of burgers and fries may not be the best idea.

I predict that this chain is going to really shake up (pun intended) the competition.  An "original" with fries is going for just $4, and that's a double patty.  The patties, known as "steak burgers" are a blend of ribeye and New York strip, extremely thin, and seared to a crispy outer coating and juicy inside.  They have been my mother's favorite burger for as long as I can remember.

(Strawberry milkshake with hot fudge)

Milkshakes are outrageous, and if the signature line is anything like the other locations, they do milkshake sundaes, as well as several sinful combinations.  Sadly, the Signature menu is only a pared downed menu, featuring just burgers, fries, and shakes.  While this is a step in the right direction, I think NYC really needs to taste the Chili Mac Supreme... (corporate, can you hear me?!?)  Also, this location will only be open from 10AM to midnight (according to the website's store locator), unlike the 24 hour versions in Indy.

(The Chili Mac Supreme has yet to make it to the Big Apple)


jenn from midlife modern said...

Yowza. I have never been to a Steak 'n' Shake but it looks like the kind of place my boyfriend would tear apart. I don't think I should enter this contest either, but I'd love to see before and after photos of the winners!

The Dinner Belle for said...

I'm a huge Steak 'n Shake fan and its so exciting that a touch of the midwest is coming to NYC. The fries and cheese sauce are the best--they are my weakness. Please also tell me that when you go to Indy you indulge in the best potato chips that are only made and sold there?!

The Dinner Belle for

50BurgerOrBust said...

We were 2 of the first 150 customers that braved the cold and rain to earn a years supply of free food (one free “Signature” Steak Burger, fries, and shake per week). While we can’t say for certain if the burger was worth the wait (after nearly 7 hours in the cold and rain we would have been happy to eat anything where it was warm and dry), we can easily say we had great fun meeting other burger enthusiasts, being some of the first in NY to try the food, and witnessing the event. We’re eager to return, use our coupon vouchers and see how good Steak ‘N Shake really is.

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