Friday, September 21, 2012

ShOcKiNg taste test at The Burger Garage: Gluten-Free Burger

Burger A
For an upcoming story with BORO Magazine, I recently had to swing by The Burger Garage in Long Island City... home to one of the most popular burgers in Queens (plus, I love that they serve chili cheese dogs!)

Anyway...  I noticed on the menu chalk board over the ordering counter a note to "ask about gluten free options".  It's nothing for which I personally adjust my diet, but I certainly have several friends who have quite a difficult time finding favorite foods, only gluten free.

In addition to the story I was writing, co-owner Jim Pileski suggested I do a taste test.  I agreed, of course.  He presented me with two double cheeseburgers (no, I did NOT attempt to finish both--it was a taste test, not a binge fest...)  One was housed on their regular bun, the other on a gluten free bun they have custom made from a bakery in Pennsylvania.

I felt pretty confident I could spot the imposter... After all, splenda does not taste like sugar.  Rice pasta resembles not the slightest approximation of regular pasta.  Meatless meatballs taste like something scooped up from the ground and mushed into brown orbs.  And tofurkey puts the foul in fowl.

As you have probably guessed, I actually selected the WRONG burger as gluten-free.  Mr. Pileski just laughed, and said, "yes, we have several customers return it, saying, 'I asked for one with a gluten-free bun...'  They are shocked to find out that it really is."  So there you have it.  I actually thought the gluten-free bun tasted and looked better than the original.

Gluten-phobes rejoice!  Here is a burger you don't have to wrap in romaine.  And beyond the fact it can be ordered gluten free, it is definitely one incredibly delicious burger.  Based on the two images in this post alone, can you guess which burger is gluten-free?  I'll post the answer in the comments tomorrow.

Burger B
The Burger Garage
25-36 Jackson Ave, Long Island City (at 44th Dr.)
(718) 392-0424

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amuse*bouche said...

Burger A is the gluten-free... is that what you guessed?

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