Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby Jesus Ice Cream at Vesta

A 'Holy Trinity' of ice creams at Vesta

Vesta | 21-02 30th Ave, Astoria | (718) 545-5550 |

The latest 'scoop' seems almost too good to be true.  Many Astorians already praise 'La Torta del Piccolo bambino Gesu Cristo' -- better known as the Little Baby Jesus Cake at Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar.  One of the most famous desserts this side of the Hudson, it's a warm, gooey, spiced date cake blanketed with sticky toffee sauce and served with a dollop of fresh cream.  It received its name when an early sampler bit into it and exclaimed, "little baby Jesus!"  The name stuck, just like the toffee sauce.

Well, sit down, because Chef Michelle Vido and her talented team at Vesta have received divine inspiration, and created a 'Baby Jesus ice cream,' studded with actual spongey pieces of the cake blended with chilled cream.  The heavenly creation arrives as part of a holy trinity, served with a dollop of cinnamon (which also accompanies the apple crisp), as well as pretzel chocolate chip, all made in-house.  This is the good stuff, too.  Decadent, creamy, rich, and velvety as it melts. Hallelujah!

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