Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby...

I downloaded Melanie Penn's debut indie album, Wake Up Love, nearly a week ago... and I literally play it first thing in the morning, then fall asleep to it every night.

In some whimsical way, her album reminds me of an elementary school best friend.  One minute you're giggling, chasing her down a well-worn path, another minute you're on the playground sitting atop the jungle gym catching your breath and feeling the breeze both on your face and underneath you, until finally you are leaning in to a whispered secret intended just specially for you.

Throughout track after track, Melanie maintains a level of intense beauty that keeps you leaning forward, carefully listening to every single word.  It's that rare balance of not only an angelic voice, provoking lyrics,  masterful production value, and utterly dynamic composition... but more than anything... there is spirit in this music.

Click here to buy the album now...

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