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Sunday Morning Mimosa at MiX Cafe + Lounge

Nestled in the heart of Astoria, amidst the myriad of Greek cafes and Irish pubs, just a block off of Steinway is one of the most unconventional brunch spots around.  Combine a croque monsieur with yucca fries, a wig, rhinestones, and red velvet, and you've got yourself a unique MiX.

MiX Cafe + Lounge was recently named Best Gay Bar by Best of Astoria 2009.  But part of the uniqueness of MiX is the very element its name suggests... a mix.  Owner Xavier Leon has successfully designed a warm, flirtatious, but ultimately welcoming lounge where patrons from virtually every walk of life gather.  And though MiX is perhaps best known as a lounge with delicious cocktails (try the Nutty Caramel with a caramelized brown sugar lined glass), it has rapidly become the scene of one of the tastiest (and certainly the most entertaining) brunches this side of the East River.

Sunday brunch is hosted by the comedy team known as Sunday Morning Mimosa.  And though the team may involve men in wigs and brassieres, they are anything but a typical drag show.  Sunday Morning Mimosa is more of a comedy team, with character-based hilarity as the central driving force.  Also a podcast, SMM features two primary characters, as well as several recurring secondary characters (beautifully and ridiculously woven together for over 100 episodes...)

While you nosh on Sundays, Anita Buffem and Gina Marie regale you with their tales and torments of the week, including family holiday debacles, parental struggles (Gina Marie has a gay son and a daughter dating a black man),  as well as live musical performances that range from standards such as The Trolley Song ("clang, clang, clang went the N train... ") to current club hits such as Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance"... and yes, Anita and Gina know the full choreography.

Ever since our introduction to Gina Marie and Anita, our group of friends has brunched at MiX multiple Sundays in the past few months.  Sunday Morning Mimosa, though gut-bustingly raucous and fun, provides an entertaining commentary on current issues, through the voices of two ordinary Astoria girls.  The comedic timing, dry wit, facial acrobatics, and vocal talent combine for a show you simply have to try at least once.  And the food is scrumptious, too.

Just keep in mind that you are attending a performance brunch, not a fast food drive through.  The server/bartender/cashier/busboy/barback (yes, all one person) has his hands full, and works exhaustingly all day long, so service may take a minute.  Come ready to relax and laugh with two truly brilliant comedians, and you won't even notice if your coffee mug isn't refilled as often as your Sunday morning foggy head may require.  And when the food finally does arrive, you'll certainly be glad you waited.  For a unique and thoroughly guffaw-inducing brunch, it is well worth the trip to the corner of 30th Ave and 41st St in Astoria.

Xavier's special recipe for Mac 'n' Cheese... a delicious, bubbly blend of fontina and cheddar.  One of our group's favorite items, someone always orders it.

Smoky egg tacos with garden vegetables and avocado drizzle.

Rice and scallion croquettes, topped with Greek salad.

Zucchini Parmesan bruschetta.

If you plan on coming with a large group (merrier the more!) just give a call in advance (347-642-4840).   MiX is usually extremely accommodating, and the head's up just assures you'll have a better vantage point for the show.

Want a free brunch?  Try the dating game hosted by Anita and Gina Marie on Thursday nights at MiX.  

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