Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Grammys Go Broadway

If you watched the Grammys this past Sunday night, you were undoubtedly wowed by a daintily dressed, drenched Pink dangling and dripping from the ceiling, and GaGa and Elton crooning at a baby hand... I mean, ummm, baby grand (what were those arms sprouting from the piano?)  But one of the performances getting the least buzz is one that, upon closer inspection, really excites me... the Broadway cast of American Idiot singing "21 Guns" with Green Day.

In anticipation of the show's arrival on Broadway this March, Green Day recently re-recorded their current hit with the Broadway cast.  Look closely, and you will notice the likes of John Gallagher, Jr. (Spring Awakening), Alysha Umphress (check her out on my YouTube videos from Musical Mondays at Splash), and Andrew Call (yes, the former bartender from our regular watering hole, The Ritz).

If you are currently on the fence about Green Day's album being morphed "into a high-octane rock opera about war, drugs, dreams and reality" (Playbill), watch the new video below.  I think this could be really exciting.  Give the whole video a watch, but it really gets my heart thumping after the three-minute mark...

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SPD said...

I did Wig Out with the girl who starts it out... Rebecca Jones. She's phenomenal, and this video makes me even more excited to see this!

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