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Queens Comfort on Eyewitness News PLUS New Lunch Special

The new croque monsieur bread pudding with a fried egg is outrageously delicious.

Queens Comfort | 40-09 30th Ave, Astoria | 718-728-2350

It's no secret that Queens Comfort is one of my favorite places to nosh, so it was an honor when I was interviewed by ABC 7's Lauren Glassberg for her feature on the comfort kitchen which is scheduled to air today, May 18,  at 5 p.m. during the Neighborhood Eats segment (does this mean my mug might be menacing yellow cabs next week on Taxi TV?!)  The featured recipe for the segment: the Cap'n Crunch Chicken Fingers with red chili bacon caramel sauce, of course!  Just for the record, Lauren Glassberg seems extremely charismatic and pretty on television--but in person, she is actually stunning, and very generous in sincere conversation.  I was already a fan, but witnessing her work last week was affirming of her genuine talent.

After singing the praises of Queens Comfort, I was asked by a nearby diner if there is anything I don't particularly care for.  After all, you can't love everything about everything, right?  Upon consideration, I suppose my only criticism would be that the menu is sometimes overwhelming in options that make you drool.  Unless you come toting a gaggle of friends ready to share a smorgasbord, it's likely you'll walk away bummed you didn't have the ravenous hunger demanded to sample everything that catches your eye.

Biscuits & Gravy

Take, for example, two new dishes that appeared this week on the menu.  First comes buttermilk biscuits and a maple cheddar sausage gravy with cayenne, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  A decadently creamy, savory and sweet spin on the comfort breakfast classic (delightfully served here for lunch and dinner).  Or the real kicker that hasn't left my taste memory since I first devoured it--a croque monsieur bread pudding with black forest ham, gruyere, fontina, and a passionate kiss of dijon mustard.  Top it with a fried egg and turn that mister into a madame.  See?  How on earth do you choose which one dish to enjoy?

Egg McRuffin'... an open-faced English muffin with bacon, gouda, cheddar, béchamel, & a fried egg 

As if Queens Comfort read my mind, this week they launched a fantastic new lunch special.  For $14.95 you can choose one starter, one entree, and one dessert from a broad selection of menu items (items qualifying for the lunch special are denoted on the menu with an asterisk).  Slightly more manageable portions of a variety of delicious dishes at a great price is reason to celebrate.

Jalapeño Hushpuppies with lemon pepper ranch

The starters on the prix fixe included their grilled Mexican street corn, bacon scallion or three leek mac & cheese, or homemade jalapeno cornmeal hushpuppies.  Mains range from a fried green tomato sandwich to a peanut butter & jelly burger, as well as their famous chicken & eggo waffles.  Desserts, rotating frequently, vary from s'mores bread pudding to homemade ice creams, which have recently included walnut fudge brownie, or even a version with actual strawberry rhubarb pie mixed in, crust and all.

Strawberry rhubarb pie ice cream with actual bits of crust

Now that's real comfort food...

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Vantage Properties said...

Everything looks absolutely delicious! It's been a while since we've been to Queens Comfort, but reading through your review and checking out the pictures, we'll definitely be changing that soon!

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