Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In-N-Out of Astoria: Petey's Burger

Petey's Burger (30-17 30th Ave)

As the ongoing competition for best burger continues to escalate, especially here in Astoria, many of my friends would argue that no brioche bun, no chipotle aioli, market fresh lettuce, or gourmet cheese could create any combination more delicious than the West Coast sensation, In-N-Out.  People tweet about it, status update when they are in California, and send me text messages whenever devouring what is arguably the most satisfying burger for a great value.  While an extremely cruel April Fool's prank this year led NYU students to believe that In-N-Out would soon be opening its doors in Manhattan, the sad truth is that it was nothing more than a mere prank.

While we east coasters may not be spoiled with the delectable luxury of the delicious In-N-Out burger, one look at just the packaging, and you can tell that someone at Petey's Burger in Astoria has spent some time studying the west coast icon.  I've even heard rumors that those involved with the creation of Petey's have at one time worked extensively with In-N-Out.  If the crimson and bright yellow ketchup and mustard interior design and product packaging aren't a dead giveaway, the burger certainly is.

While part of the joy of In-N-Out burger is that you can only enjoy it by traveling west, I have to confess that I was beyond giddy to discover that I could relish a burger that would be hard to differentiate in a blind taste test... and it's only a ten block walk from my house.  Petey's burger uses no freezers, and all fresh ingredients.  One bite offers a buttery bun squish, crisp lettuce crunch, tangy tomato burst, and juicy beef burger with melted cheddar explosion that will leave you drooling for more.  Petey's burger isn't just good.  It's phenomenal.

Freshly peeled and hand cut french fries are evenly and wonderfully salted, with crispy outer crunch and warm and tender inside spud.

Milkshakes are offered in classic vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate, and are blended with real, smooth, milky ice cream.  Nothing tastes better after a salty crunch of potatoes than a chocolaty gulp of smooth and creamy milkshake.  And combos make this burger joint extremely reasonable.  A cheeseburger, french fries, and soft drink come in under $8.  Milkshakes at $3.99 are the same price as a burger, but well worth the splurge.  And if you're up for trying something different, my personal favorite is the Petey's Melt ($3.99), the cheeseburger served on buttery toasted sourdough bread instead of a bun.

Petey's is open 7 days a week from 11am - 11pm, and delivers to a rather extensive area.  But if you live in Manhattan and simply can't wait until your next trip west, I highly recommend a visit to Astoria to tide you over.

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Tink said...

Been going to Petey's for sometime and have enjoyed each visit as much as the last. They are consistently good.

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