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Watch the award-winning Sunday Morning Mimosa LIVE!

If you have ever walked along 30th Avenue or Steinway on a Sunday afternoon, you may have wondered why masses of people in every size, shape, and age are huddled around the corner of 30th Ave. & 41st St.  Is that Rosemary Clooney crooning Mambo Italiano?  Wait, now it's Britney's Womanizer... or no, is that the GaGa anthem, Bad Romance?

The music, cheering, and uproarious laughter may be what have drawn the crowds, but the reason they stay, and return week after week, is the outrageously fun and deliciously talented comedy team known as Sunday Morning Mimosa.  Originally started as a podcast on iTunes, Travis Barr, Steven Incammicia, and Joe Lisi created an entire cast of characters who narrate hilarious and quirky commentary on their lives as typical Astoria housewives.  While the podcast is still alive and strong, the internet show has now grown into a full blown production with musical numbers and dialogue that rival even the best off-Broadway productions.

Recently awarded the Pride Rally Star for outstanding performance at the Heritage of Pride Rally on the Central Park Summer Stage (where they were called back for multiple encores), Sunday Morning Mimosa has also been named one of the top cultural experiences in the five boroughs.  You may have seen them at the Why Leave Astoria event at the Beer Garden.  They perform a more improvisational sketch comedy brunch that sells out weekly at Mix Cafe + Lounge (call 347-642-4840 for reservations), and even host Italian League Bingo Night on Thursdays from 9pm to 2am at Mix.

(poster by Elias "Joey" Gutierrez)

The original trio of stars have since expanded to include the multitalented Laura Gilreath and Cassie Powell, playing secondary characters whose voices and physical comedy add a wonderful new dimension to the show.  I was recently invited to a rehearsal, where I was able to peek behind the scenes, meet the newest cast member (Cassie joins the team as Pam, Facebook friend and sketchy influence on Gina Marie's daughter, Tina Marie), witness the grueling rehearsal process, and catch a sneak peak at the elaborate full production they have developed for the Daryl Roth Theater in Union Square.

Sunday Morning Mimosa's newest show, The Showgirls Strike Back, will be playing this coming Friday night at the Daryl Roth Theater in Union Square at 10pm (the same building that houses the smash hit Fuerzabruta).  And believe me, Sunday Morning Mimosa hits the stage with just as much brute force, outrageous comedy, and musical agility as any team of acrobats flying over head in the earlier show.

Showgirls Strike Back brings the same lovable and laughable aunts Anita & Gina Marie of whom audiences have grown into loyal fanatics, but this show grows from previous incarnations in ways that reflect not only the maturity of the performers, but the development of well-loved characters over the course of years and years.  With their new production, Mimosa steps from a trio of men who do excellent characters and sing creatively-altered song lyrics to a full cast of true standout stars with a plot line that, while always silly, is poignant and brilliantly conceived.  Who else can patchwork together Marilyn Monroe, Lady GaGa, and Little Shop of Horrors into a show the leaves the audience thinking the songs were written exclusively for this purpose?

And with spectacular new Broadway-caliber costumes tailored by professional designers Elias "Joey" Gutierrez and Rachael Caunt, the Mimosa team continues to stride forward proving that they are a talent force that won't be slowing down any time soon.

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Tickets for their 10pm show this coming Friday can be purchased at www.sundaymorningmimosa.com

They will also be performing again at the Daryl Roth on Friday, August 20th.

Tickets are $16.50 plus a one drink minimum

They can still be seen weekly at Mix Cafe + Lounge for Sunday brunch and Thursday bingo

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