Friday, February 18, 2011

My article about Ornella's blood pudding on Grub Street

My first article for Grub Street, New York Magazine's food news website:

"You'll forgive us if, lately, we've felt a bit of snout-to-tail ennui. After all, it's become increasingly easy to find chefs who are happy to serve you all the eyeballs, brains, tripe, and, yes, tails anyone could possibly want. So when we first got word of the sanguinaccio that's being served at Ornella Trattoria in Queens, we perhaps weren't as excited as we should have been. (We won't ruin the surprise here if you don't know, or haven't yet guessed, what this Italian specialty's secret ingredient is.) Lucky for us, Bradley O'Bryan Hawks made a beeline to the fourteen-month-old Italian eatery and got the lowdown for us."

Read the actual article here.

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Fooditka said...

Amaaazing job Brad. You should be very proud of this article. And I bet Giuseppe is even more ecstatic. I've had the sanguinaccio too and loved it - am writing it up as well :) So impressed by your article.

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